What will happen to my career? Is it the end of the world? What if I get sick? Will everything get better? How can I provide for my family? When will this stop? A lot of us are bombarded by these questions. The feeling of uncertainty leads to anxiety and worry. We worry about our health, loved ones, financial status, our government and our future. I asked myself these questions when the pandemic started because I was about to get hired and then the enhanced community quarantine started. Upon facing uncertainties and storms in life, there was a voice who assured me of my future, a powerful God that gave clarity to my blurry future. By being still and having faith, I am now pursuing online careers. I had my experiences of being an admin assistant while being a psychometrician and I was exposed in making formal letters, making certificates, keeping receipts, marketing the company I worked in, accepting and making calls. Starting and studying a new path of career is very challenging but we all know that beginnings are always difficult but I have peace in my mind that I can accomplish tasks even in a virtual career path.

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